Possible Ways to Fall Into Back Pain

Back injuries, muscle strains, injuries from repetitive motion, accidents, and tendonitis all top the list for common fall cleaning injuries.

Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain Flare-Ups

Lower back pain is very common, especially in sports or desk jobs. Find out ways to help when yours flares up again.

How to Walk Towards Healthier Knees

Overtime your knees can begin to for osteoarthritis. Find out ways to prevent that from happening to you as you grow older.

What to Do When You Overdo It

Find out how to help prevent and heal overuse. Getting active is good, but if you overdo it, you might find yourself having aches and pains.

Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief

Therapeutic massage can be used to treat a range of conditions, commonly of which is low back pain, followed by neck and shoulder pain.

Symptoms & Causes of Rotator Cuff Injuries

Learn more about common symptoms involving rotator cuff injuries. They are mostly wear-and-tear injuries from doing the same arm movements.

How Often to Work Out for Strength, Weight Loss, and Health

How often a person needs to work out to see results will depend on their fitness goals. Here’s how to find out how long you should work out.

7 Most Common Accidents and Injuries During Back to School

Whether your kiddo is a little daredevil or just a bit klutzy, accidents happen. Find out the most common and when to seek medical help.

What are the Best Exercises for Overall Health and Fitness?

The powerful combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training can help a person build muscle strength and improve their heart, lung, and circulatory health.

Hand, Wrist, And Arm Pain While Exercising

Arm and hand pain can have meaning if it shows up while exercising. Learn when to listen and when to seek medical help.