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Fourth of July Safety Tips

Fourth of July Safety Tips Fourth of July fireworks shows, cookouts and beach vacations will look very different this year. As Covid-19 cases continue to surge across the country, the issue of how to celebrate and socialize safely is top of mind for many Americans. This weekend is “set up a perfect storm” for virus transmission, […]

Arthritis of the Hand

Article Featured on Bidneeham.org Arthritis, the medical term for joint inflammation, is an extremely common problem for older adults. Arthritis in the hands can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. While the condition can be managed with proper medical care, first you must recognize its common warning signs. Dull or burning pain in the […]

What you should know about a broken pinky toe

Article Featured on MedicalNewsToday A broken pinky toe is a fracture of the smallest toe. The term “broken toe” usually describes a traumatic fracture, which can occur due to a direct blow or impact, such as stubbing the toe or dropping something on it. The pinky toe is a commonly broken toe, and the fracture […]