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Treating Ankle Injuries

Article featured on UCSF Health Ankle sprains are the most common ankle injury among regular athletes and weekend warriors. The top orthopedic complaint, sprains occur in an estimated 27,000 Americans a day. Many athletes, however, who suffer from ankle sprains tend to play right through their injury, which can lead to lifelong problems with recurring […]

Shoulder Replacement Surgery: What to Know

Medically Reviewed by Tyler Wheeler, MD on December 08, 2019 from WebMD If your shoulder joint gets seriously damaged, you might need surgery to replace it. Before you have your procedure, you should know some things. About Your Shoulder The joint where your upper arm connects to your body is a ball-and-socket joint. The bone in your upper arm, called the humerus, has a […]

Why are My Legs and Feet Numb?

From Medical News Today; Medically reviewed by Seunggu Han, M.D. — Written by Jennifer Huizenon January 22, 2020 A person may feel numbness in their legs and feet due to sitting in a position that puts too much pressure on the nerves or reduces blood flow. However, long-lasting or unexplained numbness may be a sign […]

Common Causes of Sciatica

From Medical News Today Sciatica is a type of nerve pain that radiates down the back into the hip and leg. It often goes away in a few weeks, but for some people, the condition is chronic. The pain can feel like an intense cramp or burning electrical sensations. Sciatica that lasts more than 3 […]

What to Know About Front Shoulder Pain

From Medical News Today; Medically reviewed by William Morrison, M.D. — Written by Sunali Wadehraon January 22, 2019 Damage to the shoulder may result from repetitive movements, manual labor, sports, or aging. A person may also injure this part of the body due to a bad fall or accident. Many people visit the doctor with […]

Exercises and Stretches for Hip Pain

From Versus Arthritis Here are some exercises designed to stretch, strengthen and stabilize the structures that support your hip. It’s important to keep active – you should try to do the exercises that are suitable for you every day. Repeat each exercise between 5–10 times and try to do the whole set of exercises 2-3 […]