Joseph P. Schenck, M.D.

Joseph P. Schenck, MD

Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Specialty: Sports Medicine, Total Joint Reconstruction

Upon graduating from the University of Arizona, Dr. Schenck completed his orthopedic surgery residency at Oregon Health & Science University in 2007. After residency, Dr. Schenck received advanced training in two international fellowships in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery and Computer Navigated Total Joint Arthroplasty in Perth, Australia. While in Australia, Dr. Schenck also trained junior surgeons in complex fracture care. He served as a team physician to the Western Australian professional rugby and football teams.

Having gained expert international training in innovative joint and knee care, Dr. Schenck brought his skills back to Hillsboro, where he practiced and served as Team Physician for the Hillsboro School District.


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Patient Testimonials

“After experiencing knee pain, Dr. Schenck determined it was my hip that was causing me pain. He educated me about the mechanics of what was going on, the process of hip replacement and helped prep me for the procedure. His team was excellent at communicating the administrative and scheduling side of things. The procedure went really well, I was able to leave the hospital the same day as the replacement. A week later I walked about six miles over the course of that week. I was back to my normal level of activity – I am 47yo, an active person and a contractor, in about one month.

Dr. Schenck was great at getting me ready, instilling confidence in the procedure and the new hip. He made it a pleasant experience, with that I am grateful to him and his team. I am ready for my other hip now…”

Brian M..

“This place, the staff, and the surgeon Dr. Schenck are amazing.”

Scott C.

“Got my appointment quick. No long waits in office. A friendly competent physician who gave me prompt treatment.”

O. M.

“Dr. Schenck was very thorough and empathetic with my daughter’s knee injury. He detailed the procedure, after care and long term prognosis. After surgery he showed what the process looked like via images he took. Highly recommend this knowledgeable surgeon.”

Jeanne A.

“After having issues with a prior top well known surgeon not listening to me after surgery that something was not right, I consulted with my pain clinic. They provided a couple names and I chose Dr. Schenck as he had performed a knee surgery on my pain doctor.

Wow, what an incredible difference from my prior situation. It’s just not possible nor fair to describe him in one word. Dr. Schenck is amazing, friendly, funny, highly professional, conservative, transparent, willing to listen to your concerns and what you think might help. He saved me from total misery. I can never thank him enough. He’s been very responsive to my needs and I’m very thankful for that.

I would rate him a 10, but five stars is the max. I would not hesitate to refer my family or friends to him in a heartbeat.”

Dave P.

“What I appreciated most about Dr. Schenck was his directness. After looking at my original ER x-rays and examining my foot, ankle, and leg, he wasn’t sure exactly what type or types of sprain I had, or whether there might be fractures involved.

But he was sure that I sustained a Grade 3 sprain at minimum, and he said his advice would be the same regardless of the specific diagnosis: six weeks in a walking boot. His approach is just the kind of smartly conservative and cost-avoidance direction I’d hoped to go in. Plus, no more heavy use of crutches!”

Hannah L.

I found Dr. Schenck on the internet, then saw him last Spring due to hip pain which was preventing me from normal activities like gardening or walking on the beach. After a go at a cortisone shot followed by 6 weeks of Physical Therapy, I went back in and elected to have surgery to replace my bone-on-bone joint since I had the summer free. Dr. Schenck helped fast-track the procedure and set-me up with a primary care doctor since I didn’t have one. I had the surgery and recovered quickly.

In short, the total hip replacement was a miracle — a life-changer. Dr. Schenck is experienced, knowledgeable and a clear communicator. He’s meticulous about getting an excellent result. He quipped in the follow-up appointment how he’s sometimes teased by his peers due to his anal habit of (he did not use the word ‘anal’ so I’m taking editorial liberties here) of taking x-rays during surgery to ensure the fit of the implant is perfect. It was. I could not be happier and am so glad I did not wait and suffer longer before deciding to have this done. Somehow I am 20 years younger! (And I was not that old age-wise to begin with 🙂 I have since sent my husband to him and my daughter for hip and knee joint issues. One word: thankful.

Knee surgery today by Dr Joseph Schenck, MD. A well deserved acknowledgement and appreciation is due to him for his warm demeanor, education on my problem and plan of action, his confidence and skill set. I’d be remiss to not give shout out to his MA Wendy who was excellent on all counts, as well as all staff in the office; and staff in the day surgery center one story below – Northwest Ambulatory Surgery Center – where my procedure was completed. Personal individualized attention was conveyed by all from my initial appt through pre-op prep and surgery. Highly recommend Dr. Schenck and The Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center of Oregon.

OSM Patient

It was easy to work with Dr. Schenck. He is calm, reassuring, and experienced, which eased my initial fear. I’ve had both knees done at separate times, and feel great! No knee pain! I took Dr. Schenck’s advice to heart, lost some weight, and exercised before the surgery, and my recovery was smooth and not too painful.

Stephen C.

Dr. Schenck listened to me, talked to me, showed me with models what’s going on and never ended a consultation until I was ready to go and had clear marching orders for what needed to happen next.

Cheryl Z.

I consulted Dr. Schenck regarding my shoulder. He was very knowledgeable and explained it in way that I could understand. Not only that, he had a great personality. I will be going to him for any future orthopedic work.


The front office staff were prompt, attentive, and very pleasant. I did not wait very long at all to see Dr. Schenk who is totally Awesome. He was thorough in his assessment regarding my problem and devised a course of action both appropriate and timely.

Jalna A.