Dr. Weintraub is a skilled and personable surgeon and his team is excellent as well.
I highly recommend him. – Holly S. 

Dr. Bryan was absolutely wonderful. He was very kind and caring.


Dr. Bryan took the time to listen to my questions and concerns. I am very impressed by him and am pleased to have him as my Dr. I look forward to seeing him again.


I was mindfully moving up and down my tall later, cleaning our gutters and thought loving thoughts of all of you! I couldn’t have done that last year! My deep appreciation goes out to you all, Dr. Weintraub, Barry, Sarah my nurse, x-ray ladies, and front desk — also upstairs Physical Therapist! (And my anesthesiologist! Dr. Sawyer, I believe, how could I forget!) – Deep Gratitude, Holly Smith

Holly S.

OSM provided very professional and supportive care during my total hip replacement procedure and rehab. I was so satisfied that when my son severely broke his collarbone in a mountain bike accident, we turned to them for help.

Sandi ShaubPresident of Skiyente Ski Club

What I appreciated most about Dr. Schenck was his directness. After looking at my original ER x-rays and examining my foot, ankle, and leg, he wasn’t sure exactly what type or types of sprain I had, or whether there might be fractures involved. But he was sure that I sustained a Grade 3 sprain at minimum, and he said his advice would be the same regardless of the specific diagnosis: six weeks in a walking boot. His approach is just the kind of smartly conservative and cost-avoidance direction I’d hoped to go in. Plus, no more heavy use of crutches!

Hannah L.

I had a knee replacement less than a year ago. I was so impressed with the treatment and care I received from Dr. Weintraub and his staff. He is an outstanding surgeon! My new knee is wonderful and his post-op care was comprehensive. He wanted to be sure that I didn’t have any problems, and his office staff contacted me frequently. I felt that I was in excellent hands… they took very good care of me. If you want a skilled surgeon with a lot of experience and an office staff who cares about you, I highly recommend Dr. Weintraub!

Carol S.

Dr. Weintraub did an elective full hip replacement for me in early February 2013. A month and a half later I was almost fully recovered, walking unassisted. More importantly, my surgery and immediate recovery entailed no real discomfort and I was able to function without any pain killers a day after my two days in the hospital. I feel very fortunate to have had such an accomplished surgeon. I have had almost no restrictions on my recovery–other than not crossing my knees. This is a tribute to the skills of Dr. Weintraub. He and his support and office staff are always courteous and take the time to answer my questions. As someone who had never had elective surgery, I was most reluctant to do this. Thank goodness I did as my quality of life has never been better. Kudos to Dr. W.

Michael J.

Dr. Scott Jones really knows his stuff. Within two minutes he had the correct diagnosis (re-absorbing calcium deposit), explained it clearly and concisely, was sympathetic and was able to give me a cortisone shot directly into the shoulder, which almost instantly began relieving my symptoms. He also gave me exercises to help re-gain mobility in my arm and shoulder, and watched while I tried them, to make sure I was doing them correctly. I never felt rushed. He really took the time needed to make sure I was taken care of.

Susan B.

Nicest man ever, thoughtful and careful. I was put at ease immediately. I even needed a special medicine and Dr. Weintraub personally found what was needed. I recommend anyone with a need for an Orthopedic Surgeon, you will be treated with respect.

Mary H.

Nicest Man ever, thoughtful and careful. I was put at ease immediately. I even needed a special medicine and Dr. Weintraub personally found what was needed. I recommend anyone with a need for an Orthopedic Surgeon, you will be treated with respect. – Mary H.

I consulted Dr. Schenck regarding my shoulder. He was very knowledgeable and explained it in way that I could understand. Not only that, he had a great personality. I will be going to him for any future orthopedic work.


Dr. Schenck listened to me, talked to me, showed me with models what’s going on and never ended a consultation until I was ready to go and had clear marching orders for what needed to happen next.

Cheryl Z.

The front office staff were prompt, attentive, and very pleasant. I did not wait very long at all to see Dr. Schenk who is totally Awesome. He was thorough in his assessment regarding my problem and devised a course of action both appropriate and timely.

Jalna A.

Amazing care provided for my mother. Knee replacements, tore acl, and shattered femur over the course of a couple years. Our family has the upmost trust in Dr. Weintraub.

Adrienna D.

My wife recently had shoulder surgery performed by Dr Switlyk. She was extremely hesitant at the beginning, but is 100% satisfied with the results post-op. If there is a more kind and caring individual in the business, my wife and I haven’t met them, and our primary care Doc is fantastic. – Michael W.

Approx. two years ago Dr. Switlyk did a revision on a shoulder I previously had surgery on which had been continuously painful with very little range of motion, it was a reversal and as I understand, quite complicated. I hardly ever have any pain now and though my range of motion is not fully back it is improved.

In my opinion he is a fantastic orthopedic surgeon and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my family and friends. His office staff is courteous and cheerful and his nurse practitioner was knowledgeable and very helpful in my follow ups.

Joanie W.

Dr. Weintraub and Barry are both amazing, office staff is awesome too, He has done two knee surgeries on me and I am having another in a week. He did hip replacement on my husband also and he healed quickly and no pain or unforeseen events. He has done knee surgeries and hip surgery on 3 friends of mine. He is a master at his craft and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. You may have to wait a little longer for visits but its worth the time spent in my opinion.

Brenda M.

I honestly recommend Dr. Weintraub. He was honest and straight forward with me. Very knowledgeable. I am very optimistic about his diagnosis and treatment plan.

Mr. Wallace

Dr. Lamprecht fixed my shoulder. Would recommend to anyone. Sharp and professional and competent.

Brooks D.

My PCP recommended Dr. Ira for needed full left knee replacement. In ’07. After Successful surgery, was sent home with same CPM machine as used in Hospital, as well as equipment to circulate Ice water. These two items contributed to Therapy success. Returned to Dr. Ira for Rt Knee Surgery, at different Hospital in ’09. Same good results, both surgery and recovery using same equipment. Other knee surgeons do not use the home mechanical therapy.

I felt the bedside manner of Dr. Weintraub was perfect. His staff was on time, and well trained. I was invited to return regularly for follow up. I recommend him to every one!

Thomas S.

Staff is always friendly, outgoing and helpful. Doctor Weintraub is a great doctor. He takes the time to understand the issue fully. He evaluates every aspect of injury to determine a course of action to provide the best possible solution and outcome. Doctor Weintraub is a straight shooter and he will take the time to answer every question. Doctor Weintraub is a well respected doctor and I have great respect for him. He has a good in office and bedside manner.

Steve G.