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What Good Posture Means and How to Improve It

Article featured on Harvard Health Publishing “Stand up straight.” That’s timeless advice we’ve probably all heard at one time or another. It’s worth heeding. Good posture is important to balance: by standing up straight, you center your weight over your feet. This also helps you maintain correct form while exercising, which results in fewer injuries […]

7 Health Benefits of Swimming

Article featured on verywellfit, Medically reviewed by Vanessa Nzeh, MD Swimming is the fourth most popular form of exercise in the United States with over 27 million people participating over the age of six. But there are also many barriers to participating in swimming. For instance, many people don’t learn to swim until later in life and some […]

Weak Hip Flexors: Signs, Symptoms, and How to Treat Them

Article featured on MedicalNewsToday, medically reviewed by Gregory Minnis, DPT — Written by Lois Zoppi on February 27, 2021 Weak hip flexors can cause the surrounding muscles to overcompensate, which can cause pain and difficulty walking. Treatment for weak hip flexors includes physical therapy and exercises. The hip flexors are muscles that connect the lower back to the hips, […]